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Produce your electronic press review with CLIP&WEB!

Fast capturing of articles

newsCLIP is the scanning & clipping tool to extract articles from newspapers and magazines.
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newsWEB eXpaper enables you to integrate articles from newspapers' e-paper editions into your press review.
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newsWEB eXPaperClip makes the integration of articles from newspapers' ePaper editions quicker, simpler and more comfortable than ever.
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newsWEB Capture enables you to easily capture and structure digital articles for the further production with the press review editorial module newsWEB.
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Easy preparation

newsWEB is the editorial module that helps you to produce electronic press reviews in various formats - easy, fast and user-friendly. Especially for media monitoring organizations we have developed newsWEB 6.5. Its strength lies not only in a high degree of layout flexibility but also in an easy and even faster production.
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Various output formats

newsWEB mobile enables you to send your electronic press review also to mobile devices.
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With newsWEB APPress you conveniently read press reviews on iPhone and iPad.
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newsWEB personalized enables the automatic production of personalized press reviews: Your recipients ONLY get the information they are really interested in.
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