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newsWEB eXpaperClip

newsWEB eXpaperClip newsWEB eXpaperClip makes the integration of articles from newspapers‘ e-paper editions into your own electronic press review quicker, simplier and more comfortable than ever. Screen the PDF – find, cut and clip articles instantly. Or, extract all articles automatically in their original shape.

Extracting articles automatically

With our new developed PDF-based layout analyzing capabilities we offer you a tool that extracts and classifies articles automatically. As newspaper offer a wide range of layout concepts we integrated verification and correction instruments to ensure the correctness of the segmented articles. Meta data of each article will be delivered as well.

From e-paper directly to your press review

Many publishers provide download access to the daily e-paper PDF edition. These PDFs are now easily screened in a flash via full-text search for all relevant names, terms and keywords – even several editions simultaneously. Or you simply define your own set of search profiles. However, the overview of the topic environment is guaranteed by providing full-page view of each newspaper page. That way you can also skim through and will find further interesting articles.

Just mark the article with one click, extract it and send it to the newsWEB pressreview editorial software. Bigger articles resp. articles continued on additional pages are automatically clipped and reshaped into letter size / A4 format.

From the source to the aim in original layout. No intermediate steps or rework.
In high quality and high speed!

Afterwards you issue your press review in newsWEB as flexible as usual and in excellent display quality.

newsWEB eXpaperClip - benefits at a glance

•    Analysis of page and article layout on PDF base
•    Live-rendering of the PDF-view
•    Cyberspeed full text search immediately in all PDFs
•    Search profiles individually definable
•    More accurate and rapid article shape analysis by use of formal attributes
•    Pick, clip and transfer articles in one step
•    Verification of segmentation results
•    Extract all articles as batch procedure
•    Graphics and pictures detachable while displayed
•    Articles exported in original layout
•    Less effort, temporal relief of staff
•    Multiple users at the same time

Especially for service providers

•    Supports division of work (editor / clipping personnel) 
•    Tagging of articles / delivery with additional information / meta data
•    Recording of the tags in a database for selective digest and allocation
      - prioritize: any filter for processing
      - reduces workflow and accelerates cycles
•    Single-user-solution with quick embedded database
•    Database support (VistaDB, MS-SQL, MySQL)
•    Scripting support (.Net4.x/C#) for workflow-optimization
•    Highly effective and timesaving by using modern 64-bit-architecture and
      multiprocessor technology
•    Docking panels: free positioning of functional components, support of multi screen 
•    User interface in modern Office 2016 style

So you will benefit manifold – with the ideal software as well as the efficient use of the ePaper edition. ePapers offer numerous advantages in handling and cost:

•    Digital full-text search in the original edition
•    Only ONE search for ALL newspapers and magazines using truncated phrases,
      Boolean search and regular expression
•    Hit list on the newspaper page – overlooking the whole topic
•    Excellent quality of pictures and graphics
•    Source text miniatures show the original article in its primary periphery 
•    Precocious availability of ePaper editions
•    Saving costs in e-paper subscriptions


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