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Produce your electronic press review with CLIP&WEB!

Fast capturing of articles

newsCLIP is the scanning & clipping tool to extract articles from newspapers and magazines.
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newsWEB eXPaperClip makes the integration of articles from newspapers' ePaper editions quicker, simpler and more comfortable than ever.
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newsWEB Capture enables you to easily capture and structure digital articles for the further production with the press review editorial module newsWEB.
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Easy preparation

newsWEB is the editorial module that helps you to produce electronic press reviews in various formats - easy, fast and user-friendly. Especially for media monitoring organizations we have developed newsWEB 6.5. Its strength lies not only in a high degree of layout flexibility but also in an easy and even faster production.
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newsWEB fulltext provides the user of the newsWEB 6.5 press editorial software with the opportunity to use the full text to find already stored press articles. Therewith newsWEB is no longer just used as a database for the production of current press reviews, but also as press archive.
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Various output formats

newsWEB mobile enables you to send your electronic press review also to mobile devices.
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newsWEB personalized enables the automatic production of personalized press reviews: Your recipients ONLY get the information they are really interested in.
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newsWEB Portal provides access to the article database for any dedicated user and also serves as a digital distribution channel for media monitoring products.
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newsWEB LookUp is the perfect extension for those who want to offer their readers a comprehensive web search on the intranet.
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